feedback posts from facebook (evolving post)

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feedback posts from facebook (evolving post)

Postby admin » Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:05 am

My only comment is to have a better service pack with stage schedule, directions to service, and such. Grimes Creek Rd on Saturday was fun in service truck and was only slightly confused and once wrong about which turn to take at the two junctions that weren't mentioned in the directions. It was also a bummer to arrive at finish party an hour after our driver and codriver.

This year was my first year to watch this Rally. From where we camped it was GREAT. THANKS to all who put it together. I think more advertising down in town would bring more people.

THinking better communication to the Road Guards/Volunteers as to when the stage they are working on is to start....on Saturday we were out there from 8am to way late in afternoon with little to no shade (except in truck).....I am fair skinned and could have easily ended up burnt if it wasn't for the truck....we were told start time for 2nd leg on Harris Creek was at 1pm, then we were told 3...then it didn't start until nearly (or after 4)....was actually starting to wonder if that stage hadn't been cancelled when a car finally came thru (it was like 45 min after the 000, 00 and 0 cars had been thru

here's my reply to the volunteers POV For the wait, it's rally, delays happen. But then, I've been around rallies for a very long time (35+ years). I didn't think the delayed start of Harris Creek was that much of a delay. As for no bathrooms, again, that's rally. Unless working atc or stop control, probably aren't going to have them, and even then at those spots it's a bonus if you do. I also didn't have an issue with getting up so early. But, again, I come from a time when late nights (actually, for me, all nights were the norm when I started going to rallies) and early mornings were common. The later the night, the earlier the morning, the chances are there's more stages or longer stages and more racing is always winning imo. I loved the banquet. I liked the laid back atmosphere. I liked the simple but filling food. I wasn't able to stay for the actual awards as my group and I were driving back to the Portland area. I've driven much farther for awards, where you are racing isn't always near much of anything. Having all the stages so close together is pretty friggin awesome. Since we camped, everything was soooo close. The only extra driving we really had to do was go to Idaho City to meet up Sun morning, which meant driving the whole stage and then coming back, but even then, it still wasn't very far and we got to see what the stage looked like. I loved the fact that we were provided with a place to camp for free. That rocked. The fact that the camping location was so close to all the stages we were working was wonderful. I liked having the radios, although there was some odd radio chatter on Saturday that I couldn't figure out if it was other volunteers messing around and being weird, or if it was someone non rally related on the channel being weird. My location on Harris Creek on Sun, I could hear one of the other areas, but they couldn't hear me. Just how it goes when working in a canyon though. All the extra food, wow, that's pretty awesome. I didn't partake in much of it because just not what I eat, but I also understand you are trying to appease the broadest amount of people, so that's very cool and I think you hit the mark. All in all, we had a great time. This was my third time at the Idaho Rally and it's gotten better each year.
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