2014 Idaho thoughts

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2014 Idaho thoughts

Postby brentlz » Sat Jun 28, 2014 12:11 pm

Had a blast at Idaho this year! Please take any of my comments below as they're meant, constructive criticism...

-Have Saturday Drivers Meeting and MTC at host HQ (not at W end of Harris Creek). I will say it was way less chaotic than I anticipated, but then we were not stuck back in the 4-5 rows of cars at the wide spot...

-Sunday was OMG early...glad we had crew and could trailer out to Idaho City. Maybe start an hour later? Would let the Idaho City locals have a chance to see the cars and let me (and the workers) sleep in...yeah, a purely selfish suggestion. ;-) Also might want to add a MTC out of Park Expose to line up cars before heading over to the ATC.

-Tulips for the transits are not descriptive enough and could be improved. Several turns were missing and it'd be super easy to get lost if you hadn't been there before.

-Have the awards back in Boise. We skipped 'em because there was simply no way our crew could get there in time from the Placerville service area. Another thought would be to run Harris Creek as a turnaround stage at the end of Sunday, finishing back in Placerville, and have the awards there.

We had much _so_ much fun at Idaho Rally and my comments are only meant only to make the event better. Seeya next year!

Brent (codriver in car #15).

Re: 2014 Idaho thoughts

Postby admin » Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:06 am

Thanks for your thoughts. This and all the feedback will be brought up at the meeting on the 17th. Again thanks.

The thing I like about your post is you are speaking the language. It made a lot of sense and will be put to good use. So far there is some recurring thoughts with the various feedback. Thanks again we need this stuff!
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