06-21-2018 meeting minutes

06-21-2018 meeting minutes

Postby admin » Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:54 pm

Meeting called to order

Meeting minutes accepted

We have money.

1. Subaru parts.com interested in sending us swag and adding an add in the spectator guide.
8th page add
2. Subaru of America looking to add a display with the 2019 forester and assent at the Staging area.
Possibly as presenting sponsor.
3. Henrys creek will not work for the event. Spanish Fork appears to be the replacement.
Harris creek may be used on both Saturday and Sunday.
Grimes creek is still being looked at due to last years feedback.
4. Road prep testing will begin in the next week.
5. Verbal OK from land owners to use elk creek as a transit has been received.
6. High school in Idaho city has given OK to use there parking lot. This will be used as an overflow location.
7. Timing crews need to participate in updated training.

Dan motion to add $100.00 on face book advertising.
second and passed.

Motion to adjourn
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