07-17-2018 Meeting minutes

07-17-2018 Meeting minutes

Postby admin » Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:48 pm

meeting called to order

Meeting minutes Accepted

We have money.

1. Add to website and Facebook.
National entries= SUBIDAHONAT(all caps), $500 discount
Regional entries= IDAHOSUBREG(all caps), $300 discount
Combined National/ Regional entries can only take one discount=National
2. ARA bulletin. Paid recce for none entrants. Club feels this would not be well advised.
3. Department of commerce declined to provide funding for promotion due to perceived low out of state impact.
4. Food: Placerville fire will provide BBQ
Centerville fire Will provide breakfast
Senior Center Girls from Horseshoe bend will do potato bar at the awards ceremony.
5. Ham class in Idaho City July 28th 8:00am
6. Idaho Rally Group Club camping behind Trudy's in Idaho City
7. Discussed peoples and there roles covered in Sups.

James motion to get the 4x8 sheets of light blue Corrugated plastic for radio signs.
second and passed

motion to adjourn
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