01-18-2018 Meeting minutes

01-18-2018 Meeting minutes

Postby admin » Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:38 pm

Meeting called to order.

Minutes accepted

we have money

1. ARA will crown a UTV national Rally Champion
2. The competition and build requirements will be out soon. (with in a couple weeks)
3. The rules for cars are yet to be released.
4. SFI certification will be required for tech inspectors. Possible requirement to attend another event may be required for certification. nothing decided as of yet
5. state of Idaho state department of tourism May help to promote the event.
6. Host hotel. We have requested to reserve all there rooms at last years location and we are looking at another hotel
We are waiting for them to reply.
7. grader pony motor crank shaft is broken. Possible option for electric conversion a builder offered a 12 volt for $1000.00, a 24 volt system is 1800.0+shipping+batteries.
two weeks to process. Tabled until May.
8. ARA sanction fee and insurance information
$9900.00 + 100 per car for two day event.
includes 10 million insurance.
Those that do not have an ARA license can purchase one for the event for $50.00 for driver and $50.00 for co driver.

Motion to adjourn
second and passed
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