09-21-2017 Meeting minutes

09-21-2017 Meeting minutes

Postby admin » Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:21 pm

Meeting called to order

Minutes accepted

We have money.

General discussion and information.
1. letters from approval for 2018 Rally to move to September from local municipalities.

2. ARA would like to have the route established asap which requires us to submit a $600.00 IDL fee for road usage to establish roads this far ahead of event.

3. ARA would like a test stage established and available prior to the event. Access to this is at an estimated cost of $350.00 per car.

4. service will be moved to Idaho City with factory teams parking in the open area on the corner of main and the hwy.

5. Need event signs for medical, radio and others in the 24 inch by 24 inch in the FIA standards.

6. Need business cards

Don motion to have 1000 generic business cards purchased.
Second and passed

grimes creek stage will now be known as clear creek stage.

motion to adjourn
second and passed.
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