10-20-2016 Meeting Minutes

10-20-2016 Meeting Minutes

Postby admin » Tue Feb 14, 2017 1:02 pm

meeting called to order.

Minutes accepted.

treasure not currently present.
We have money

change in nominees.
Dick Rockrohr will be the asst director
Carl Somerton will be director.
Need tech Inspector, Stage captain,

Old business
boy scout jamboree. have not heard back from the FCC on the use of the license in a different region than it was issued.

California rally series is looking to add a UTV class.

Still need several stage captains.

December 1st next meeting.

Skyline park and events center. Formerly Pleasant valley raceway. Dan is in discussions with the park owner for potential events to be held there.

Director: Carl Somerton
Asst Director Dick Rockrohr
Treasurer Dan Rockrohr
Secretary James DeMaris

Unanimous vote. All positions accepted.

meeting adjourned 8:00
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