09-15-2016 Meeting minutes

09-15-2016 Meeting minutes

Postby admin » Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:55 pm

Meeting called to order.

Minutes read and accepted

Treasurer not attending.

New Meeting location discussion.
Idaho Pizza on Eagle and State ST
Has a large room that is 45 to 50 people and a small room that will hold 25.
They have availability on the Third Thursday of the month.

Don makes motion to use Idaho Pizza in Eagle for October Meeting. if it works we will continue to meet there.
second and passed.
78 Eagle River ST
Eagle ID

videos are not yet done. we are hoping to have something next week.

radio license
forms have been received.

Joann motion to cover the cost of several posters and frames. These are the posters that competitors signed.
second and passed.

Officer Nominees
director: Dick Rockrohr
asst: Carl Somerton
treasurer: Dan Rockrohr
secretary: James DeMaris

Oct 20th meeting at Idaho Pizza on State St and Eagle.

timing report.

Motion to allow Wilk creek Camboree the use of our Commercial repeater and handheld radios.
Tabled pending additional information.

Rita motions to adjourn
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