February 20th Meeting minutes

February 20th Meeting minutes

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Meeting called to order.

Meeting minutes accepted.

Treasurer report
Money in the account.
Check cashed for fire department and additional check for ambulance fees.

Old business:
Host Hotel.
Riverside did not want to budge on fees at about $95 a night. Host hotel hotel will be at NW Best Western Travel Lodge near Micron same location as last year.

Currently no presenting sponsor.

Fees discussion:
Car fees to remain the same.
UTV fees recommended to be raised to $300.00 with late entry at $350.00.
Pre-entry is required for travel allowance.
Pre-entry ends 30 days before event.

Brent Motion to change the UTV fee to 350.00 with a 400.00 late entry fee.
motion failed.
New motion to make the rate $300.00 with a late fee at $350.00
second and passed

Discussion course usage warning:
Reminder to all competitors that you cannot be on the course 90 days prior to the event. If you are reported to be on any of the course roads 90 days prior to the event you will be disqualified after paying your entry fee which is non refundable.

Gold Pans:
Gold powder coat shade presented and approved.

Discussion Communications Request:
Tim Rynerson wants to use one of the Idaho Rally Groups repeaters for the Jet Boat races. Board agreed to allow it. Tim and the ham operators have been a great support to Idaho Rally Group and the Idaho Rally International event.

Scoring discussion:
battery issue with clocks appear to be resolved.

Stage captain:
To early to have any new information

Promotion video discussion:
No verified status. Rob expressed a serious need for a video. club agrees. We need more raw footage.

clerk of course report:
Forest Service
No new info.
Pot Latch group
No new info.
Delays in response is concerning and may cause wanted additional roads not possible.
The possibility of having a water truck to limit dust on Centerville rd is still there. The finale word is to come from Idaho City.
signs will be needed for the dumpsters that state "No human waste is to be placed in the dumpster."

Carl will be assisting in a different area of the event so a 0 car person needed.

Motion to adjourne
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