07-21-2016 Meeting Minutes

07-21-2016 Meeting Minutes

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Meeting called to order.

Minutes read.

we have money

Rally Report
Idaho World gave a great write up. Fire department is happy, the county is happy. It appears all municipal services are happy. IDL took tour of event site and was very happy with how the roads were left.

Rita motions to remove Ryan Erikson as a member of the Idaho Rally Group. Additionally there will be no refund of his membership.
This is due to his actions at the 2016 Idaho Rally International.
second and passed.

Carl motion to spend $1141.00 to buy 1 commercial pair and three simplex band licenses that will last 10 years.
second and passed.

Rob motion to have Tim order 4 solar panels and 4 Batterys with a cost of estimate of $1000.00
second and passed.

We will be permitting several new roads and a decision on what road or roads we want to add will be decided later.

We need a minimum of 2 new stage captains and possibly up to 5 stage captains for the new roads.

motion to adjourn

Next meeting.
august 18th

need to find new meeting location
Doesn't charge to use
Has beer
Has room
No gratuity requirement.

next years event will be JUNE 8TH to the 11TH tentatively
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