04-21-2016 Meeting Minutes.

04-21-2016 Meeting Minutes.

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Meeting called to order

Minutes accepted

treasure not present
we have money

clerk of course.
meadow creek
Half of the stage has been permitted and the other half is not. The second half is on Potlatch land. If Potlatch is not resolved by the first half of May then we will cancel Meadow Creek and go with Spanish fork loop.

Rob met with Tom about running a blade over various roads that are rutted. the cost will be about $2000.00 with 16+ hours. there is also an additional 200 hundred feet of private road that will need an additional 100.00 investment.

The video and the plane appears they are good to go. They have gone out and looked over the course and feel they can give a total of 5 hours.

Camping area is a go. The Booster club is good for the providing the food.

Rally data has 8 hams signed up. Tim will solicit more operators for the event.

old business
Rita 7:45
motion to purchase a repeater via the ridge riders agreement. pending an agreement with the ridge riders. In exchange for the ridge riders providing the money to purchase the repeater we will make the equipment available when ever they need to use it.
second and passed.

Ann rose is the new member.

Carl motion to purchase 40 radios a ta cost of $450.00
second and passed.

motion to adjourn

next meeting will be on the 19th
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