02-18-2016 Meeting minutes

02-18-2016 Meeting minutes

Postby admin » Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:55 pm

Meeting called to order.

Minutes read and accepted.

Treasurer report.
We have money.

Permits have all been approved.
Insurance will need to be paid before may
Larry Miller has signed up for a total of $7000.00

Clerk of course.
Centerville fire
Rob feels that the additional $100.00 is justified so we will pay.
Jerry Sherwood will be stage captain of alder creek.
meadow creek is confirmed as an additional stage.
The arch: Dick has put the purchase of the arch on hold until more money is has come in.

need com captains to sign on.

Site is not usable when it rains.

Media sponsor video
two videos were shown to choose from. the club consensus was the second one shown was the one the club likes. Charles will be provided that info so he can produce the video.

New Business
New members needed.

Host hotel
Best Western by the airport will be the host hotel just as last year. The price has increased to $99.99.

Meeting to adjourned
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