01-21-2016 Meeting Minutes

01-21-2016 Meeting Minutes

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Meeting called to order

Meeting Minutes

Rallycross Report
Site is un-usable when wet. It is so slick that making the trip up the hill to the parking area was impossible for some vehicles. At this point the future of rallycross is uncertain unless a stable site is found.

New Business.

Rob proposal to open early registration now
second and passed.

No new information on permits. The process is still being done. A suspected date for updated information will be April.

New roads. We have reduced the possibility to one. Meadow creek. This will set us up as a co-efficient 3 3.

Proposal to add 100 to cost of Centerville fire. Rob has asked for justification. He will report back.

Videographer information: price=800
3 Videos presented for review. covers pre-event promo and post event video.
Boise county tourism video review. Rob will move forward with the production. Once Rob has some details worked out he will report back at the Feb meeting.

Motion to adjourn
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