11-19-2015 Meeting Minutes

11-19-2015 Meeting Minutes

Postby admin » Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:30 pm

meeting called to order

meeting minutes read by Joann

We have money
accepted 7:09pm

Rallycross report.
Dick and Carl will meet with the Owyee Motor Cycle Club on the 24th to work out the details for rallycross to continue at there site.

Rally data site is up for volunteers to sign up. People have already started signup.
It is recommended that we start a Facebook page that is designed to keep volunteers on Facebook updated on the status of the rally.

Clerk of Course:
Permits for the rally are signed and approved. Bills have been presented for the permits.
Sarah has sent out several sponsor packs. No responses to note at this time.
Still need stage captain for alder creek stage.

Rob motion:
To spend $600.00 on starting the permit process to add one or more new stage roads to the event. thorn creek 11.5 mile elk creek 7.5 miles meadow creek 8.0 miles

Host Hotel
The current hotel is receptive however there is a possibility of using another location. Dick will look into options

meeting adjourned.
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