09-17-2015 Meeting Minutes

09-17-2015 Meeting Minutes

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Meeting called to order

Meeting minutes accepted

We have money

Pop up report:
Dick is getting a cover for the 10X20 popup.
Will have by the time he return nov 4th

First event on the 10th. Registration at 9:00am.

Rogers Memorial is Sunday the 27th
Dick will forward more information to the club.
James will arrange for flowers to be sent to discovery church 2:00pm for roger.

Radio Testing.
New handheld radios were hitting the repeaters with no issue at all locations on grimes pass.

The club needs to make an assertive effort to recruit more members. Life time membership is $25.00.
James will Create a membership flyer to be available anywhere the club can distribute it.

Rob motion to keep the board as is. All board members agree to this.
Director: Dick RockRohr
ASST: Carl Somerton
Treasurer: Daniel RockRohr
Secretary: James DeMaris
second and passed

Roads Report
There is a potential for adding several miles to the event.
Elk Creek, 7.0 miles
Thorn Creek, 11.1 miles
Meadow creek near Harris creek. 8.0 miles
We will evaluate possibility to add one or more of these roads to the event and then make determination at a later meeting.

Motion to adjourn.
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