08-20-2015 meeting minutes

08-20-2015 meeting minutes

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Meeting called to order.

Meeting minutes.

We have money.
All checks have processed.

Idaho Rally appeared in Idaho World magazine with a great write up.
Plaverville and Idaho City were very pleased with the donations made. this was for the burnout fund and dust abatement.
June 11th and 12th have been confirmed with local municipalities as the date of the 2016 rally.

We have 20 new radios, 2 new antennas, and will be testing this Saturday 22nd.

OLD business:
volunteer signup:
Mike said that the volunteer signup is set to automatically open once that last CRS event in the series is completed. That event appears to be the Prescott.
The arch and the popups. Nothing has been ordered. Dick has one that measures a 10x20. Dick will supply that at half the cost of new and perform any repairs that are needed.

We have permission from Owyee motorcycle club to have an event at there site. They are still looking at dates for the event and will have the updated later. We are looking at an event at the end of September and possibly one in November. More to come later.

video report: There are still questions that are being addressed.

New business
Dick will be out of town Sept 18th to Nov 4th and has thrown in his name for director in 2016. Any member that wants to throw there name in for a position should do so at the September meeting.

Roger Tiptons memorial will be Sept 27th.
Discussion of having some sort of dedication to Roger at the next Idaho Rally event. The club will discuss what would be appropriate and revisit the idea later.

Motion to send flowers at what ever the cost to the Rogers memorial.
Second and passed.

New business:
Brandon and Rachel will not be stage captains for the 2016 event.
With Rogers passing we will have an opening for the volunteer coordinated. Sarah has indicated and interested in taking on that duty and will have no issues with distance. Sarah's position as Public relations will be done Ally Fitspatrick.

A team is needed for Friday for each stage that can help set up the stages. Ideally it would be 4 to 5 people per stage.
There is a section on Rally Data to set this up so it will be used.

Tires have been put on and more work is being done.

Motion to adjourn.
Sept 17th next meeting.
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