April 17 meeting minutes.

April 17 meeting minutes.

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Meeting called to order.

Minutes acceted.

Treasurer report.
We have money.
Did spend money on flyers.
Treasure report accepted.

Clerk of course report:
Permit signed for event.

A final run up Harris Creek has been added to Sunday then transit to Idaho City for banquet. We are still in discussion on location for banquet.
It was discussed that the catering would present a large stuffed baked potato and potato bar to to further enhance the "Idaho" in the Idaho Rally international.

Saturday will be BBQ.

Breakfast for volunteers will be Sunday.

Ham discussion:
we will have a rally specific net test every Wednesday the at 8:00pm until the event occurs.
frequency 147.200
offset +100 all volunteer hams are asked to participate.

14 trophy pans will go to Dan for delivery to Dick for final painting.

Entries projection.
projected 35 entries
current 29 entries

Sponsor report:
Port of Subs does not want to sponsor the event as a free supplier however we would would be able to pay for subs at about $3.00 a sub.

Water truck:
No definite yet however estimated at 70.00 an hour for about 4 hours.

video discussion:
so far the video is great the music and clips are coming together. It is close to being done. Some confusion was indicated as to weather we were going to use the 2013 sponsors or the 2014 sponsors. It was decided that we will use the 2013 sponsor list.
James will provide individual sponsor image files.

shirts update:
No update on shirts.

Rally Cross report:
Turn out was low but was a fun and successful. The new computer worked well and the large monitor was appreciated by the competitors.

Motion to adjourn.
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